Tips For The Timely Traveler

There is nothing like getting that itch to get out there and hit the road with a travel buddy aka spouse, family, friend etc.

By no means am I a travel blogger BUT:

Not to be too side eye worthy but some of the "fab" social gurus, who can bring out the slightest amount of travel jealousy, aren't telling their followers how easy it can be to travel across the country.  It's super easy to get out there and get it  - traveling that is.

Here are a few tips that work for me:

The biggest mistake that many travelers make is that they look to stay at the swanky spots *Nothing wrong with that* and "ball like the freshest rappers/actors/instagram stars" who not telling y'all that their rooms are comp's. Anyway, there are loads of places across the country/world that are safe, fresh and new such as Hyatt Place/Hyatt House, boutique hotels and more. One doesn't have to break the bank to stay in a clean spot that nine times out of ten actually serve a full breakfast every morning. - NO MONEY NEEDED!!


Remember that many of the decent and above mentioned places are less than $120 a night and are in a safe spot close to malls, water parks and much more. Investigate the area *google/trip advisor is your friend* and I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed - READ THE REVIEWS!!!! . Don't be intimidated by the trip and what it entails because best believe you deserve the break and it should ALWAYS involve blue water - in my opinion!!

Always budget in a rental car so that you can get around to the cool spots in every city - IF YOU CAN. I know people may be a bit nervous to do this because they often feel like they might end up in the most ratchet spots but if you like me? Just stay on the freeway and keep it moving and if somebody messes with you? Get to swinging and running!!!  *Hood Upbringing*

I guarantee you that if you get out and see the city you just might find some amazing spots that will take your breath away. Another great tip that often works financial wonders is to reserve a vehicle away from the airport because the rental companies are gonna up the cost depending on the location and the size *International Airport Alert*. Many rental agencies will pick you up from the airport and take you to your car and before you know it??? ZOOM!!!

Once you get that whip? Ask Siri for directions, take off, check in, change clothes and get to moving.

Another thing that I've noticed is that so many love South Beach, Florida - It's dope as hell - but it's not all Florida has to offer. You should branch out and see the area be it by walking *safe spots*, taking a cab or my personal fav - renting a car. There are hundreds of miles of Florida shoreline that people don't even think about visiting and end up missing out on amazing views and people. I actually drove from Miami to Naples and it only took up 1 hour and 45 mins. Ya boy was looking for Judge Judy's summer mansion but to no avail - *Blank Stare*

Ok now this is my personal favorite time to type because Florida has AMAZING food options. I recently traveled to the Destin/Pensacola area and as great as it was? There wasn't a massive amount of food options that made me stop in my tracks and for that I was disappointed.

Last November *for the second time in less than two years Me and my wife were driving around Puerto Rico *love that place* looking for some good food and turned a corner and what did we find?? A almost untouched neighborhood that had the baddest ocean shoreline and you better believe we found food nearby and stayed for hours.

I actually prefer the Miami, Fort Lauderdale area because you get the total mix of cuisine. Jamaican, Puerto Rican and oh so much more and we not even bout to talk about the drinks cause y'all know I love Jesus and stuff.

Fingers Crossed These Tips Help!!!

Pho's On!!!!!

Playoff Time

Mac and Cheese Ironed Out - Almost Got It Right!!!!